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Sex Positions Shuttle

This position is best for people looking for vanilla sex or those who want to enjoy new experimentations. Also known as Cowgirl or Woman on Top position, this can easily help men and women get the desired stimulation and jovial pleasure. In this position, the male partner lies on his back keeping legs in crisscross pattern while woman lies on his body face to face. You can enjoy kissing, vaginal or anal sex and also play with her boobs. You will love this enjoyable Shuttle position that will help you say goodbye to stress and boredom. Enjoy with the voluptuous model escort or sexy college girl and experience the excitement. This sex position also allows you to switch roles. A person can exercise greater control by grabbing buttocks of the woman and applying thrust at his own pace.

Doggy-Style Sex Position

Ask any man and he will tell you that doggy style sex position is his most favorite. As the doggy style allows men to enjoy the deepest penetration and a wide range of motion, men love it the most. This position has got its name due to the dogs mating in this way. In this position, the woman gets on all her fours on her hands and knees and the man enters from behind. You can grab her waist and pull her into yourself with each thrust. You can choose the hottest model escort, housewife escort, college girl or airhostess escort for getting the desired sensual pleasure. Enjoy its variations like stacked spooning, keeping pillow under thighs, or flattened doggy position. Savor the taste and relish the fun of doggy style with your choicest dream girl in Chennai now.

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